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Somm Six Pack

Somm Six Pack

Somms make the wine world go 'round. Many people think that working in the wine industry is glamorous - the swirling, the sniffing, the popping big bottles, the epic tastings, the subsidized global travel, the one-on-ones with world famous winemakers . . . but many people don't realize that #sommlife is more like inventory, building out wine lists, facing a "cattle call" of wine sales reps, running from table to table, wiping sweat from your brow (and doing it in style), and sometimes an unstable work life.

2019 was an epic year for our family and our winery thanks to the amazing somms who took a chance on our new brand. Sadly, these somms who helped us out are now at home, unable to work and make a living. It is only fitting that we give back during this difficult time to this community that we treasure so much. That's why we've decided to put together a Somm Six Pack to raise money for a new organization: United Sommeliers Foundation. 

Created during the global COVID-19 crisis, The United Sommeliers Foundation has established a fund to provide financial assistance to professional sommeliers finding themselves in vulnerable and uncertain positions. 

00 Wines is donating 20% of the sale of each Somm Six Pack to this organization. The six pack will include 2 x 3 year verticals of our iconic Willamette Valley blends, VGW Chardonnay and VGR Pinot Noir. 

1 bottle 2015 VGW Chardonnay

1 bottle 2016 VGW Chardonnay

1 bottle 2017 VGW Chardonnay

1 bottle 2014 VGR Pinot Noir 

1 bottle 2016 VGR Pinot Noir 

1 bottle 2018 VGR Pinot Noir 

The United Sommeliers Foundation’s mission is to provide immediate financial assistance to Sommeliers who are experiencing a pause or termination of employment due to circumstances beyond their control. A rapid response to the needs of the sommelier community in America, this fundraiser’s founding team includes a handful of master sommeliers, masters of wine, and other beverage professionals. Applications for sommeliers and donations to the Foundation are currently being accepted through their website at www.unitedsommeliersfoundation.org.

We are offering free local delivery of this six pack in the Willamette Valley, including the Portland metro area. 

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