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"Double Zero" represents freedom and possibility. 

Ancient cultures ascribed divine meaning to numbers, with 0 being the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (the highest): there is no beginning and no end. Across time, the number 0 represents freedom from limitations in the material world.  

00 Wines is an experiment in "and". We are breaking down the barriers of duality and dogma to create wines that are artistic expressions of our carefully curated land, team, and fruit. 

We are not old world or new world. 

We are old world AND new world. 

We don't utilize ancient or modern winemaking techniques. 

We utilize ancient AND modern winemaking techniques. 

We don't produce wines for collectors and clients.

We are the collectors. We are the clients. 

There have been winemakers before us AND there will be winemakers after us. 

When you enjoy 00 Wines, you ARE on the journey into the unknown WITH us. 



Production Philosophy

You may have heard the expression "the wine makes itself." This is never entirely true. There are many intentional choices that winemakers consider to create the final experience you will smell and taste in the glass. From the oak forests our barrel coopers source from, to our cork selection, to our vineyard block sourcing, our international team works tirelessly to communicate our winemaking philosophy through each choice we make.

Read more about our production philosophy.

Black Chardonnay

Our Black Chardonnay production method results in a savory, complex Chardonnay. The results in the glass speak for themselves. Our pre-press crush and extreme pressing program extracts maximum tannins from the Chardonnay grape skins. After the pressing, we do not add sulfites to the pan. Instead we do not disturb the the dark, full-bodied juice, which is not settled or racked, and goes directly into barrel. 

Read more about our Black Chardonnay production. 

Amphora Pinot Noir

All around the world, the Willamette Valley is known for exceptional Pinot Noir. Although we are a Chardonnay-focused house, 25% of our total production is Willamette Valley Pinot Noir fermented in 500L clay amphorae imported from Tuscany. Drawing inspiration from Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy or Burgundy, we hand-snip individual berries from each Pinot Noir cluster and drop them directly into our amphorae. 

Read more about our amphora Pinot Noir production.

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00 Wines offers our list members an unparelleled journey into the realm of world-class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Our VGW, EGW, and VGR blends are available on our website and in fine restaurants and retailers.

Only our list members have access to our single vineyard Willamette Valley wines, our imported Burgundies and Champagnes, and elite members-only events and dinners around the world.