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Côte-d'Or Wine Production

Honoring The Tradition Of Burgundy




The noble grapes of Burgundy inspire generations of winemakers to reach for the sublime.


In 2017, the 00 Wines team assembled on the hill to discuss a radical idea: to utilize the "Black Chardonnay" method in the place where it originated - in Burgundy. 

In the autumn of 2019 00 Wines will be offering the inaugural vintage of the team's Corton-Charlemagne. 

How To Access 00 Wines From The Côte-d'Or 


We offer our Corton-Charlemagne to our wine club members and elite brokers only.

Corton-Charlemagne wines are among the most coveted white wines on earth because of their rarity and complexity. 

As an American family, accessing this fruit for the 00 Wines Côte-d'Or project is extremely difficult. We are honored to be stewards of the fruit from the vines on this iconic hill to your glass. 

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