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00 Wines Membership 

Your journey into the world of our fine and rare wines.



The 00 Wines committment to the values of excellence, precision, and tradition extends beyond our winemaking process. 

The 00 Wines membership was created as an extension of these values to provide a superior experience to discerning collectors who appreciate personalized service and access to the best wines that 00 Wines produces. 

This membership is not for everyone. It is not a typical wine club.

You will be pleased with your membership if you are seeking a deeper connection to the people and places of 00 Wines, or you appreciate receiving our collectable wines directly from 00 with the same care and attention from vineyard to your glass. 

Your semiannual investment in the 00 Wines spring and fall offerings comes with special privileges, rare access, and priority service. 


The Details



Each 00 Wines Willamette Valley vintage portfolio is released as a collection 2 years after the harvest. The French wines are released on a rolling basis as they are available and imported into the United States. 

We have three membership options with the current releases for the next club shipment listed below. 


Membership Privileges

  • Priority access to library wines, large formats, French wines, and single vineyard Willamette Valley wines. 
  • $20 flat rate ground shipping on all orders.
  • Free delivery in the local Portland metro / Northern Willamette Valley.
  • Behind-the-scenes information and educational content including harvest reports.
  • Direct access to 00 Wines founders Chris and Kathryn as our service team continues to grow. 
  • Invitations to members only tastings and events. 
  • Willamette Valley concierge services. 
  • 10% price reduction on all 00 Wines produced in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. 

Current Releases

We ship 6 bottles in the fall and 6 bottles in the spring of the current releases. 

Our next club shipment will take place during October 2020. On September 1, 2020, members will have 2 weeks of early access before anyone else to purchase additional and single vineyard wines. These additional wines will ship with the member's allocation listed below.

Members will receive all of the membership privileges listed on this page, plus the following allocation in the October 2020 shipment: 

Black Chardonnay Membership 

3 bottles 2018 VGW Chardonnay

3 bottles 2018 EGW Chardonnay

$459 + $20 ground shipping + local taxes

Amphora Pinot Noir Membership 

6 bottles 2018 VGR Pinot Noir

$405 + $20 ground shipping + local taxes

Collectors Membership 

2 bottles 2018 VGR Pinot Noir 

2 bottles 2018 Shea Pinot Noir

2 bottles 2018 Hyland Pinot Noir

$477 + $20 ground shipping + local taxes

For Pinot Noir enthusiasts.

Select the button below for details. 

For Chardonnay enthusiasts.

Select the button below for details.

For Chardonnay and Pinot Noir enthusiasts.

Select the button below for details. 






May I customize my membership shipments? 

Yes, you may order additional wines to be shipped with your 6 bottle allocation. You may also order additional wines throughout the year. Unfortunately, due to increased demand for our wines, we cannot substitute different wines for the 6 bottle allocation that you sign up for. This policy helps us plan wine allocations and inventory in advance to serve you and our other members to the best of our ability.  

May I order additional wines? 

Yes, you may order additional wines at anytime, subject to availability. Our membership was designed to be "buildable" and we encourage you to select additional wines before they are sold out. 00 Wines has a simple membership and allocation structure for spring and fall shipments that was created to be the entry into the world of 00 Wines. Your range of experience and depth of purchasing with 00 Wines is up to you. 

What is my annual investment? 

VGR Pinot Noir, Shea Pinot Noir, Hyland Pinot Noir, VGW Chardonnay, and EGW Chardonnay are the 00 Wines member allocation wines. These flagship wines are high scoring, celebrated wines by clients, somms, and critics. With your 10% member price reduction, the average investment per shipment is $475 + $20 shipping + local taxes. 

May I split a membership with additional people? 

Unfortunately, we cannot split memberships with additional people who do not in reside in the same household. This is because we work hard to provide personalized services, and the administrative overhead involved in splitting memberships takes our focus away from our core mission of crafting and delivering to you our world-class wines. 

May I cancel my membership? 

There are no membership terms here at 00 Wines. You may cancel your membership anytime after any pending orders have been paid and fulfilled. Due to sharply increasing demand both in the United States and around the world, we cannot guarentee that you will be able to rejoin the 00 Wines membership after you cancel. 


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