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Honoring The Traditions Of French Chardonnay

After decades of collecting and traveling to Burgundy and Champagne to learn from our favorite producers, 00 Wines started working with Julien Launois and Pierre Millemann in 2016 onward to produce and import our own Corton-Charlemagne and Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Champagne. 

We pay close attention to our French projects, visiting frequently to oversee details including barrel selection (pictured here is Tonnellerie Damy during a recent visit) and dosage trials. 




The Holy Grail of Chardonnay 


Paying Homage To The Great Appellations

In the Willamette Valley, many winemakers call their style "Burgundian". At 00 Wines, we want to pay homage to the great Grand Cru Chardonnay sites in Burgundy and Champagne without trying to reproduce that makes these sites special. 

A Rare Opportunity To Experience Mastery  

Pierre Millemann oversees all winemaking programs in Burgundy, Champange, and Willamette Valley as part of his family business Millemann Consulting. the Millemann family works with top estates in Burgundy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the United States. 

Offered Exclusively To Our Customers on Allocation

We only produce 1 - 2 barrels per vintage of our Grand Cru Chardonnay offerings.

Anticipated arrival in the U.S. in the summer of 2019. Place your order now to assure an allocation. 

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