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The 2018 vintage was like a dream.


Introducing Le Rêve "The Dream" - our 2018 Willamette Valley collection. 


The 2018 vintage in Willamette Valley, Oregon was warm with few heat spikes. The slowly ripening fruit matured consistently across our vineyard sourcing sites.

In partnership with our trusted winegrowers, the 00 Wines team carefully selected picking dates with the harvest commencing on September 11, 2018 at the Shea Vineyard and concluding on October 2, 2018 at the Eola Springs Vineyard. 

The resulting 2018 00 Wines from the Willamette Valley in this current release display an opulence and concentration of flavors with supple textures that are different when contrasted with the 2017 00 Wines portfolio, which upon release had razor-like precision, crystalline textures, and floral notes. 

The detail-oriented winemaking of 00 Wines fuses ancient techniques with modern ideas to showcase both vintage and terroir. Each of our selected wines is a snapshot of place and time in a bottle that we hope you will enjoy with loved ones for years to come. 





2018 VGW "Very Good White" Chardonnay


Fleshy and spicy with a rich body and gripping texture, the 2018 VGW is this release's representation of our annual Willamette Valley Chardonnay blend.

The 2018 VGW is like a wild party in Saint-Tropez. Saucy, spicy, fun, and a little edgy if you enjoy it with the right group of friends.


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2018 EGW "Extra Good White" Chardonnay


"This is a very pure expression with attractive, ripe, rich and juicy lemons and yellow grapefruit, as well as fresh bread dough and a striking, stony-mineral note. The very luscious and completely formed palate is seamlessly arranged with a long, vibrant and mouthwatering, flavorful lemon and white-peach core. Some toasty oak to close. Showing great promise and aging potential." -  Nick Stock, JamesSuckling.com 96 - 97 pts.

Our annual Willamette Valley blend of Dijon and Wente clone Chardonnays, this year's EGW release is the most juicy, fresh, and mouthwatering EGW that we've ever produced.


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2018 Chehalem Mountain Chardonnay


With an inviting nose and juicy stonefruits on the palate, this Chardonnay is from a single block (B3) of the Chehalem Mountain Vineyard. Balanced with a lingering creaminess and a touch of saline, this wine is like the most charismatic person at the party - a little sassy and a little salty.


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2018 Kathryn Hermann Cuvée Chardonnay


This is a recent addition to the "family collection" that features the names of the 00 Wines founding family.

The Kathryn Hermann Cuvée is our 2018 Chehalem Mountain Chardonnay set aside and aged for 23 months in a 500L oak barrel to intensify and amplify the natural fruit flavors of the Wente clone Chardonnay from block B3 of the vineyard.

This is the first California heritage clone wine in the 00 Wines family collection. It is named after proprietor Chris Hermann's wife, the "new world" addition to the family in 2018 when they were married at the 00 Wines winemaking facility The Carlton Winemakers Studio.


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2018 Richard Hermann Cuvée Chardonnay


Produced from a high elevation vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills of the Willamette Valley, this Chardonnay has brilliant minerality, racy acidity, and a lengthy finish. Named after 00 Wines proprietor Chris Hermann's father, this wine is like the man himself - curious, deep, thought-provoking, and serious.


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2018 Freya Hermann Cuvée Chardonnay


23 months in a 500L barrel, this single vineyard Eola-Amity Hills wine is from a high elevation single vineyard that looks over the entire AVA. Named after 00 Wines proprietor Chris Hermann's mother Freya Hermann, this wine is understated and regal, like Freya Hermann herself. She crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Europe in the 1950's in search of a better life while pregnant with Chris. She was a professor of pharmacy at Oregon State University, and fought for equal pay for women. Her exacting standards and loving example provides a beacon of morality in the 00 Wines company today.


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2018 VGR "Very Good Red" Pinot Noir


Aromatic and sensual, this wine is our 2018 entry into the world of 00 Wines Pinot Noir. A blend of violet-nosed Eola-Amity Hills fruit and powerful old vine Hyland fruit, and the silky touch of the Shea vineyard fruit, this wine is mysteriously elegant.


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2018 Shea Pinot Noir


Strikingly elegant with a sensuous balance and beguiling texture, the 2018 Shea is a deep jewel-toned purple - the color of royalty. The Shea vineyard is considered royalty in the Willamette Valley. Reigning supreme in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Shea Pinot Noir always imprints a softer minerality from the vineyard's sedimentary soils.


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2018 Hyland Pinot Noir


Planted in 1972, this block of own-rooted Coury clone Pinot Noir was placed in the ground by 4 families who believed in the potential of the Willamette Valley. The 2018 00 Wines Hyland Pinot Noir has the wisdom and structure of old vines with enveloping aromas and firm tannins. Like a village elder who has seen it all and who knows better, this Pinot Noir is seriously delicious.


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2018 Richard Hermann Cuvée Pinot Noir


Sourced from the same high-elevation vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA as the Richard Hermann Cuvée Chardonnay, this Pinot Noir was aged for 18 months in Damy Rubis barrels. A favorite of 00 Wines founder Chris Hermann, the Damy Rubis barrels are created specifically for Grand Cru level Pinot Noir. Deep and luxurious with the flavors of fresh berries, dark chocolate, and finely roasted coffee, this wine has the texture of liquid cashmere.


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